As a CNA-wannabe, if you had done proper investigation about the best CNA programs available right now in the US, then you would have probably come across the name of Covenant CNA School, which, for your information, resides in the Atlanta region of Georgia State.

Top 5 reasons for enrolling in the Covenant CNA School

Now, you might be wondering what makes the CNA program of the Covenant CNA School different or, rather say, more appealing than other CNA programs offered by the various schools, colleges and universities of Georgia. If your thoughts are also ticktocking on this question, then check below to get the answer yourself.

1. No chance of failure in state CNA licensing Exam!

This CNA school has the reputation of yielding highly skilled CNAs, not to mention that the passing rates of this school’s CNA graduates in the state licensing exam is almost 100%. This very fact ought to make you understand the benefit of enrolling in the Covenant CNA School.

2. No need to go anywhere for CNA state licensing exam!

As a side note, let me also enlighten you about the fact that the Covenant CNA School, being recognized by the state of Georgia for its high quality CNA program, has also been approved by the state as a Regional Testing Site.

This means that ambitious CNA students of the Covenant CNA School would not only get to complete a comprehensive nursing coursework but would also have the benefit of attending their CNA state licensing exam in the premises of this very nursing assistant school.

What’s more, the Covenant CNA School also has the provision of offering a course review to make the students more prepared about the state license exam. Due to these aforementioned reasons, CNA students of the Covenant CNA School generally feel confident about participating in the CNA licensing exam, which takes place in the familiar environment of their very own nursing school.

3. Flexible CNA program schedules to accommodate students of various needs!

Thanks to the provision of flexible study schedule, the CNA-wannabes, who are interested in enrolling in the Covenant CNA School, would have the power of choosing a CNA program schedule that might make their already busy life not so strenuous.

To be more precise, the Covenant CNA School has the wonderful provision of offering not only a regular CNA course program but also a weekend CNA program that is even more appealing than the online CNA certification programs.

Details of the Regular CNA program Course run by the Covenant CNA School

CNA students of the regular CNA program would spend 4 weeks, exploring through the state approved nursing coursework issued by the Covenant CNA School. Their 5 hours long CNA training classes, which take place from Monday to Friday, will encompass both the theoretical and clinical nursing coursework.

Additionally, the CNA-wannabes who want to take the regular CNA program course of the Covenant CNA School should also keep in mind that they have the choice of submitting to either the day classes or the evening classes, as per their suitability.

The Covenant CNA School has made the provision of the evening CNA training classes, especially to accommodate those ambitious CNA applicants, who, in this money-conscious world, might have to face some inconvenience if they forgo their jobs in order to attend CNA education. Participating in the evening CNA training coursework would make both the education and job go side by side.

Time Table of a Regular CNA Course Program (Monday to Friday)

  • The 5 hours long Day Classes starts from 10 am in the morning and ends at 3 pm in the evening.
  • The Evening Classes also runs for 5 hours, starting from 5 pm and ending at 10 pm.

Details of the Weekend CNA Program Course Run by the Covenant CNA School

Well, if you are intending to attend the weekend CNA program course offered by the Covenant CNA School, then you will be able to take your CNA training classes every Saturday, which will, no doubt, give you plenty of opportunity to do some part-time or even full-time jobs, the money earned from which will be helpful in supporting your education budget as well as other needs.

Time table and Program length

The CNA weekend program coursework, occurring on every Saturday will start from 9:30 am in the morning and end on 5 pm in the evening i.e. about 7 and a half hour long.

And, by the way, this weekend CNA training program issued by the CNA Covenant School would last for about 10 weeks.

4. Top Quality CNA Training Program Coursework!

Owing to its ability of providing high quality CNA teachings to the CNA aspirants, the Covenant CNA School has been heralded as one of the best CNA schools in Georgia, with a passing rate being almost 100%.

While the theoretical nursing coursework could be attended in this very school, the clinical portion has to be completed in one of the Premier Long-term Care nursing facilities available in Atlanta. Besides this, the Covenant CNA School even has the provision of offering Advance Clinical Rotations in one of the Premier Hospitals residing in Atlanta region.

Additional CNA Courses: Students of the Covenant CNA School are also facilitated with a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training as well as a CNA Course Review that help prepare the CNA students for the state CNA certification test.

5. Approved by the State CNA Licensing Authority!

Every CNA students enroll in a CNA program with a view that they would ultimately get to be licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistant and thus become qualified to be employed by a heathcare or medical facilities. In this respect, the CNA training program run by the Covenant CNA School does satisfy their expectations.

In other words, upon completion of the CNA training program (i.e. both the theoretical courses and the clinical classes), the students of the Covenant CNA School would be eligible to sit for the Georgia CNA Competency exam, which is held in the premises of this very school. Passing this CNA certification test will then officially acclaim the CNA graduate as a Certified Nurse Assistant, thereby giving him the license to practice the profession of a CNA in the state of Georgia.

However, you should know that not every CNA schools in Georgia are approved by the CNA licensing authority, due to which the graduates of such not-accredited CNA programs are deemed ineligible for challenging the state licensing exam and therefore have to face some ordeals in getting licensed.

As a side note, let me inform you that the state nurse competency exam, which is also referred to as the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP), is administered by an agency called Pearson Vue.

How to get enrolled in the CNA program of the Covenant CNA School?

Now, if you really have made the decision of shaping your nursing career through the high quality CNA program of the Covenant CNA School, then it’s time for you to get enlighten about the enrollment requirements implemented by the Covenant CNA School.

Admission Requirements of the Covenant CNA School

  • The gate of Covenant CNA School is opened for those ambitious CNA-wannabes who are at least 18 years old or above.
  • CNA applicants are then expected to show up for an interview and submit to a background check. If the applicant is found to be guilty of felony, then the Covenant CNA School would deem that particular candidate ineligible for enrollment in their CNA program.
  • Ambitious students who would like to register for this CNA program should submit an application to the Covenant CNA School. The application fee charge is just about $25.
  • Likewise, the Covenant CNA School also demands the applicants to show proofs of current immunizations, especially against the contagious diseases like Hepatitis B, measles, flu, rubella and mumps.